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Fairtrade Certified and Organically Grown

Fair Trade Improves the Livelihood of Millions of Farmers and Laborers Around the World

Since November 2003 Timothy’s has been involved with the Fairtrade Certification program and supports the principles of Fair Trade:


  • Ensure fair prices for coffee farmers in developing countries
  • Respect labour standards
  • Promote environmental sustainability
  • Support direct and equitable trade.


The Fairtrade system helps to improve the livelihood of more than 1.4 million producers in developing countries around the world, by creating public awareness and encouraging citizens to make ethical and sustainable purchasing choices. Fairtrade premiums help farmer-owned cooperatives build sustainable businesses and social infrastructures — including technical systems that improve production.


Why Choose Fairtrade Certified Products?


When you see the Fairtrade Certification logo, you can be assured that coffee farmers have been adequately compensated for their products—providing them with the financial security necessary to plan for future production and sustainability, and lifting them from poverty.

By choosing Fairtrade Certified products, you are contributing to the quality of life of those who produce some of your favourite Timothy’s beverages, including:


  • Nicaraguan Fair Trade Organic
  • Mexican Swiss Water Decaf
  • Costa Rican Las Nubes


Organic Farming Methods


Fairtrade Certified producers are encouraged to use organic farming methods – cultivating crops without the use of synthetic fertilizers (e.g., nitrates and phosphates) or pesticides (i.e., herbicides, insecticides or fungicides). Limiting the use of harmful agrochemicals helps to protect the soil, rivers, plants and wildlife indigenous to coffee-growing countries.


Since organically grown foods are free from harmful chemicals, artificial flavours and preservatives, consumers can see and taste a notable difference in the quality of the products.


Consuming organically grown food products may also help to minimize health risks.


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