Frequently Asked Questions

Q - If a customer doesn’t purchase a hot drink, can I give them a promotional cup?

A - No purchase is necessary, although please refer your customer to the contest rules for complete instructions on how to obtain a free contest cup.

Q - Can counter attendants or their family members purchase hot beverages in the promotional cup to try for the prizes?

A - No, all Timothy’s employees plus their families are ineligible from winning in the promotion. Canadian laws prohibit family members and staff from participating in contests.

Q - When a customer brings in their cup to redeem their food prize, should I assist them in separating the winning tab from the cup?

A - No, ask the customer to tear out the prize description, then the winning game cup/ game piece must be checked for authenticity. All Timothy’s food prizes can be redeemed at any participating Timothy’s location where applicable.

Q - For what prizes must a customer fill out a prize claim?

A - The customer must fill out a prize claim form for the 2019 Mazda CX-3 GX, Trip to P.E.I. and Keurig Coffee Maker. If a customer wins one of these prizes, give them a copy of the Rules and Regulations and show them how to claim their prize.

Q - If a customer turned up the tab and won a “WINNER* Keurig Box of K-Cup Pods!”

A - Please allow the customer to choose any 12 count Timothy’s K-Cup Pods box from your  location.

Q - If a customer turned up the tab and won a “WINNER* COOKIE” OR “SMALL COFFEE!” – can

they substitute this for another prize?

A - Customers can redeem this tab for any small hot brewed coffee or tea and can redeem for any regular cookie. No other substitutions are allowed. Not valid with any combos or other special offers.

Q - What is the last day for redeeming prizes?

A - The last day to claim a prize is April 20, 2019. Please see the contest rules and regulations for  more information attached or at

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