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Rainforest Alliance Certification Program

Timothy’s Gives Back to Communities Around the World

As an industry pioneer in supporting socially and environmentally responsible coffee programs, Timothy’s World Coffee served its first cup of Rainforest Alliance certified coffee in November 2004. The objective was to consistently offer premium quality coffee to our customers, while giving back to coffee farming communities, worldwide.

Today, Timothy’s remains committed to giving back to the communities we serve, plus helping to ensure dignified living conditions for coffee farmers and communities around the world. Not only does our participation in the Rainforest Alliance certification program help us to protect natural resources, globally, it also helps to ensure our customers’ needs are met – without compromising future generations’ ability to satisfy their needs.

Through our partnership with Rainforest Alliance, Timothy’s supports educational and environmental programs in communities where coffee is grown and harvested. Our shared vision is to protect the earth, while providing its people with a sustainable livelihood and safe living and working conditions.

Farmers who participate in the Rainforest Alliance certification program are able to gain leverage in negotiating fair coffee prices and obtain access to first-rate markets, while preserving their land.

Carlos Alberto Gonzales, head of the Colombian Coffee Federation, captures the impact of sustainable agricultural programs best when he says: "For us sustainability is more than marketing; it is a way of life."


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