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La Vereda

Socially Responsible and Sustainable Coffee

Seeking to enter into a socially, economically and environmentally responsible partnership, Timothy’s entered into a contract with the Native Embera-Chami Community, of San Lorenzo Colombia, in 2000. The objective was to ensure a safe and sustainable future for the people of the coffee-growing community, while providing our customers with great tasting coffee.

By purchasing La Vereda coffee from growers in the Embera-Chami community, Timothy’s contributes to school programs for children of the region—along with training and extension programs for coffee growers, including:

  • Organic fertilizer production and fertilizing practices
  • Construction and management of worm tanks – used for composting
  • Water recycling processes

Additionally, the La Vereda Fund helps to finance projects in health, community development, improvement and maintenance of local infrastructure – including maintenance of roads and bridges – construction, and the improvement of water management facilities.

Produced in the upper zones of the Embera-Chami San Lorenzo Reservation, between 1650 and 2000 metres above sea level, La Vereda is a single origin coffee. It is grown by the Embera-Chami native people, in the upper areas of the Embera-Chami territory, using traditional methods that incorporate the use of shading trees and intercropping – with basic food staples. When harvested, La Vereda coffee beans are hand sorted, milled, and then stored in a high altitude warehouse, before shipment. The result is a rare, high-quality, environmentally sustainable coffee.

Based on the success of this Coffee Relationship Partnership, Timothy’s World Coffee and the Embera-Chami were presented with a sustainability award, by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), in 2006.


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